Technical Service Center

The center for professional services was established as an affiliated unit with technical supports from the faculty members of the department of construction engineering. In addition to providing essential laboratory and field tests for the teaching programs of the department, the center also serves as liaison and platform of performing engineering consultants, which is opened to the general publics in Taiwan. The center provides the technical Services as the follows :

Material testing
  physical properties of soils and rocks
  permeability of soils and rocks
  compressibility of soils and rocks
  shearing strength of soils and rocks
  in-situ monitoring of slope and retaining structures
  bearing capacity evaluation of foundations
  geological investigation using seismic waves techniques
  liquifaction potential evaluation
  natural hazard evaluation and mitigation
  loading capacity of scafolding systems
  Integrity of structures
  vibration monitoring of structures
  overall safety evaluation and inspection of structures
  consulting services for special structural design and construction


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