BIM Center

Development objective and strategy : The development objective for the Center is for the department to become an important base for which professional BIM talent cultivation and development of real-world practice research and innovation can prosper simultaneously. To pursue this goal, the operational scope of the Center will include talent cultivation and education, professional services, and industry-university cooperation research projects, while focusing on the development of skills necessary for proficiency in real-world application and practice of BIM as the core principle. The three main areas of development for the Center include:

  1. Provide technical training relevant to real-world applications and practice: Utilizing instruction fully geared towards real-world application, students will be trained to become competent in the practice of modeling in BIM software before entering the workforce upon graduation. Personalized educational training courses are developed in accordance to actual needs and demands provided by industry professionals partaking in construction projects.
  2. Offer professional services for expediting implementation: Through brand establishment from successful cultivation of talent, along with confidence backed by industry-university cooperation, consultation and technical services relating to BIM implementation are provided with dependability.
  3. Devote to contributing in the research and innovation efforts for real-world applications: Personalized research and technical development will be undertaken with a focus on the management and technical issues that arise from BIM implementation as experienced by the government and construction industry.
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