Slope Hazard Mitigation Lab


The Slope Hazard Mitigation Laboratory provides facilities mainly for research in the form of undergraduate final year projects. Research activities in the geotechnical area are concentrated mainly in the application of soil or rock mechanics principles to the evaluation, design and construction of structures in and on soil or rock, including design of anchor systems, and site improvement techniques.


- Slope stability analyses

- Landslide evaluations for causation and mitigation

- Slope stability evaluations for development

- Landslide mapping for planning

- Landslide repair design and cost estimating

- Landslide repair construction control

- Debris flow evaluations for causation and mitigation

Main Equipments

- Prototype debris flow simulator

- Equipment for sand equivalent value of soils and fine aggregate

- Plate loading system (Jack 30tf with pump and gauge)

- Inclinometer (Probe, cable and readout)

- Load cell for anchor

- Piezometers

- Pressure cells

- Digital strain indicator

- Direct residual shear apparatus

- FDM program FLAC 3D

- Slope stability analysis program (STABLE and UTEXAS3)

- Ground excavation analysis program (RIDO)

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