Pei-Hsun Tsai

Associate Professor and Director of Technical Service Center/PEs

My research team performs some research issues on soil dynamic in recent years. (1) The screening effectiveness of wave barriers on reducing vibration induced by high speed train has been investigated. The wave barriers include open trench or multiple rows of piles. The ground surface vibrations are measured and are simulated by numerical method. (2) The dynamic responses of the earth dam subjected to earthquake acceleration have been investigated. In addition, the dynamic behavior of multi-layered rock slope under cyclical horizontal basal acceleration is being studied currently. (3) The continuous Wavelet transform can transform the time history signals into time-frequency domain to obtain dynamic properties. We use the continuous Wavelet transform and the half-power bandwidth method to evaluate time dependent damping ratio of soil. In addition, the continuous Wavelet transform is applied in the surface wave seismic test to obtain the soil shear wave velocity profile. This method is advantageous because it requires no empirical judgment in phase unwrapping and few receivers. 

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