Sung-Chi Hsu

Professor and Vice President - Academics and Research

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, and my research topic for PHD was about using distinct element method (DEM), Monte Carlo simulation, and random field model to run numerical experiments on big open excavation in Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. My area of interests are geotechnical engineering and rock engineering, and focused on slope stability of colluvium strata in central Taiwan. During the previous study, I worked on the engineering characteristics of gravel formation in Taichung area. My research of focus is on the colluvium formations in central Taiwan now for many landslides had occurred and caused disasters during typhoon season or after extreme weather conditions. Try to use PIV method, UAV and LiDAR to study the displacement fields of moving slopes in sliding places in central Taiwan.

I am serving as the Dean of R&D Office right now, in charge of the institutional development of CYUT and managing the potential research projects for CYUT.

Website: Sung-Chi Web


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