Chia-Chi Cheng

Chair Professor and Director of Center for NDT

The major research interests of our group are on using stress-wave related methods to detect deterioration of reinforced concrete structure. T wo innovated methods and their applications are in development for the assessments. First, developed from the traditional impact-echo method (IE), the simulated transfer function can be obtained solely from displacement waveforms of an IE test. The technique can be applied on quantitative evaluation of bond between rebar and concrete subjected to early-age earthquake vibration, full-filling of epoxy injected cracks in repaired RC structure, or debonding of steel plate for steel-epoxy-concrete composite member. For the second method, the dispersive characteristics of group velocity of surface waves were used for investigation. Tests are performed with one receiver positioned away from the impacting source. Only testing once to obtain the information underneath the test line, large area can be evaluated with fast speed. This technique has great potential on fast assessment of the depth of surface deterioration for RC structure, the position of honeycomb, delamination, and void underneath the asphalt or concrete pavement and debonding for concrete infilled SRC structure. My research interests also involve evaluation of the dynamic characteristics of bridges using Microwave Interferometer, and processing Ground Penetration Radar images.

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