Hui-Yu Chou

Assistant Professor

My research is concentrated on two main areas of focus, the first being real-world empirical observation and development of a guidance system applicable for private participation in public construction projects. The scope of this research includes the various forms of private participation currently in use domestically, with additional attention to the implementation and case studies of the PPP/PFI methods. The second major area of focus relates to the institutionalization of BIM and the implementation strategies and policies of BIM within the construction industry. The establishment of the Research Center for BIM Application and Innovation within our department further allows for the promotion of the Employment Courses Program subsidized by the Ministry of Labor. Under this program, over 270 course hours per year are dedicated to educate and cultivate about 30 students from the class to become accomplished modelers in BIM, who are also knowledgeable in the real-world applications and practice of BIM within the construction industry. With this talent making up the core of the Center, services will progressively expand to include industry personnel training, professional and technical services, and industry-university cooperative research projects, representing a facilitator for BIM promotion in the construction industry through advancing skill, research, and development. 

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